Department Of Electronics And Communication Engineering

Electronics Device Lab

The Lab has an excellent collection of basic components in all ranges for conducting practicals. 60 cathode ray oscilloscopes of different frequency range are available in the lab. It also has different trainer kits for study experiments and function generators and power supplies of different values.

Microprocessor & Integrated Circuits Lab

The lab has 8085 kits, 8086 kits and Z-80 kits with power supplies. The lab has a good collection of add-on cards for interfacing. Simulators, analog and digital IC trainers of 10 BIT and 20 BIT are also available. To work on this all the necessary digital and linear ICs are available. This lab gives a helping hand for promising students in the fast growing technology.

Communication Lab

The Communication lab has been equipped with function generators, counters and AM-FM generators. Student can practice different types of modulation and demodulation techniques. The lab includes T.V. and radio demonstration kits and optical fiber, Transmitter and Receiver kits in analog and digital mode. UHF, VHF antennas with parabolic reflector are also available to support these transmitters and receivers. Digital signal processing kit with image processing facility is available.

Microwave Lab

Microwave lab comprises of Bench setup with Klystron, Gunndiode, VSWR meter, alternator, Magic-T, isolators, circulators directional coupler and all the supporting accessories. This lab helps the student in understanding the latest trends in microwave technology.


To cope with the present day trends and technology followed in industries, students are imparted knowledge in the following software and hardware.VLSI Lab is equipped with the following equipments : FPGA Universal Trainer Kit , XILINX VERTEX 2 FPGA Kit , XILINX SPARTAN 2E FPGA Kit , XILINX SPARTAN 3 FPGA Kit , XC9536 CPLD Trainer Kit , ADD on cards , Single and Multiple Output Power Supply Trainer , HF DC to DC Converter Module , Renoir – Modelsim and Leonardo Spectrum with Design Entry , XILINX ISE Series with Modelsim , SYNOPSIS.

Circuit Lab

This lab provides an opportunity for the students to study the characteristics of linear IC’s like Op-Amps, Timers, PLL etc. and Digital IC’s like 74XX series. This lab is also equipped with Digital LCR-Q Meter, Oscilloscopes, Power supplies etc. Application experiments using the above IC’s are also performed in this lab.

Microprocessor and Controller Lab

Microprocessor lab helps the students enhance their knowledge in architecture, programming and interfacing of various processors and microcontrollers. Students from other branches of engineering also utilize this lab and develop their skills in the field of microprocessors and their applications. The facilities available in this lab help the students do their projects and know about the latest trends and technologies. Microprocessor and Microcontroller Laboratory consists of microprocessor and micro controller kits of 8 bit and 16 bits type and Interface boards and stepper motor controllers. This lab is equipped with the following equipments: 8086 Microprocessor Trainer (Micro 86/88 LCD) , 8051 Microcontroller Trainer , Stepper Motor Controller Study Module (VCET 06) , LVDT Position Trainer (VLPCT 01) , Microprocessor Based AC motor controller (IIB PEC00A1) , Microprocessor Based DC motor Controller (IIB PEC 00S1) , ARM 7MP CORE Processor , Cathode Ray Oscilloscope , Microcontroller / EEPROM Programmer .

Digital Lab

Digital Laboratory is equipped with the following equipment which enhances the students’ knowledge about different types of logic gates, flip flops and counters. Digital Laboratory is equipped with the following facilities: CPU Trainer Kits, Printer Trainer Kits, PC Assembling, FDC Interfacing, and 10 bit Digital Trainer Kit.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

This lab aims to impart knowledge about the various DSP processors like TMS320C5X series, ADSP 21XX series. With the facilities provided, the students can analyze various concepts through simulations and implementations. An exposure for real time applications is also given.DSP Laboratory is equipped with the following equipments: MATLAB 7.1, TMS 320 C50 DSP Kit, TMS 320 C5416 Kit, TMS 320 C6713 Kit, ADSP 2181, ADSP 21065, ADSP BF-533 EZ kit, Computers.

Network Lab

Network Laboratory helps the students to study and analyze the behavior of various network nodes and links. Network Lab has the following facilities: Netsim Simulation, Software, Trainer kits, Computers.