Department Of Medical Electronics

B.E. Medical Electronics or Bachelor of Engineering in Medical Electronics is an undergraduate Instrumentation Engineering Course. A medical electronics engineer is the doctor of those equipment's without which a real doctor or surgeon is helpless. The course includes research, along with life scientists, chemists, and medical scientists, to develop and evaluate systems and products such as artificial organs, prostheses (artificial devices that replace missing body parts), instrumentation, medical information systems, health management and care delivery systems.

Medical Electronics engineers can also design devices used in various medical procedures, imaging systems such as magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), and devices for automating insulin injections or controlling body functions.

This course also covers a wide range of topics centered around radio based communications, radar systems. It has a long tradition of excellence in electromagnetism and its application and continues to exploit with a combination of fundamental and applied research. The topics covered range from antennas, through microwave circuits, radio-wave propagation, optics, networking and radar, to communications signal processing.