Our Objectives :

Department of Management Studies(DOMS) in Annai Mathammal Sheela Engineering College was established in 2005 with the objective of creating charismatic and dynamic executives in the society. Management is an integral part of our life and is essential wherever human efforts are to be undertaken to achieve desired objectives. The concept of management is as old as the human race itself and hence is the alpha and the omega which will continue to exist forever. To be successful in business today we need to understand and operate effectively with in dynamic, fast paced and changing environment. There is a need for transformations in business with the change in environment at a dramatic pace. New approaches are required to avoid obsolescence and to improve managerial productivity.
1. To focus on the development of Conceptual, analytical and Management skills in the fields of Accounting, Economics, Finance, Information Management, Marketing, Operations and Behavioral sciences.
2. To gain practice in recognizing managerial problems, Analyzing data, finding solutions and taking decisions.
3. To facilitate entrepreneurial or self employment options.
4. To prepare corporate minds with a positive mental attitude for optimum performance, committed service and independent thinking.

Department of Management Studies (M.B.A):

The Management Studies Department has been started to bridge the gap between the theoretical concepts and latest application oriented knowledge. It enables the students acquire core competencies across a wide range of academic discipline and skill bases. This will enable the students to demonstrate a working knowledge of strategic management skills in a wide range of Global organizations. Students will also undertake several optimal modules, allowing focus on particular fields such as Finance, Marketing, Operations, HR and Systems.
The Department of Management Studies of our college provides quality management education, business leadership and strives for corporate excellence. The guiding philosophy of all the academic activities of the Institute is to inculcate professionalism in management thus equipping the youth to meet the corporate challenges.
Round the clock Internet browsing, international journals and resourceful library add benefit to the department that develop the students creativity and analytical abilities, both inside and outside the campus.


• An intensive week long induction programme comprising of inbound and outbound programmes initiates a new change in every incoming batch.

• On the outbound side, soft skill development, entrepreneurial development programme, professional skill development, meditation, yoga and exercise on stress management are conducted.

• DOMS focus on gray areas in management to inculcate managerial skills of the students by arranging summer & main projects.  

• DOMS offered the Specialization like Finance, Marketing, HR, Systems and Operations

• It imbibes managerial skill by extending its lion’s share contribution on conducting various management games like ad-show, paper presentation, role play, marketing quiz, pop-quiz on contemporary issues on business world.

• To allow meaningful exchange of views among professionals, Industrialist and management scholars, DOMS- regularly conducts conferences and seminars.

• It shows a toughest Bench-mark to other institutes in the zone, by offering remarkable results of 100% on all core and elective papers.

• With the impeccable support from staffs in academic and administration, it creates charismatic and dynamic executives to the society.

• DOMS has a well-equipped library with latest collections of national & international management journals and large volume of collections of textbooks & CDs on various specializations.

• AMS – DOMS act as a hub for interaction among industry professionals, business leaders, public personalities, faculty and students.

• DOMS brings industrial climate inside the class room by offering good infrastructure like Communication lab, audio – video conference hall and an etc.,