One of AMSEC's most dazzling associations called the ÔÇťAMSEC ALUMNI ASSOCIATION " was inaugurated in the year 2001 in the presence of our honorable Chairman with the first batch graduates shining from this college.

All the graduates from this college are inducted as life members of the association. This association has been functioning very well for the past three years fulfilling the objectives of the association under the governance of the association's president, secretary, co-coordinators representatives.

Whenever the member of our alumni association visits the college they are allowed to interact with their juniors and share their experience in higher studies and employment opportunities.

This association is proud to see many of its members serving most of the countries in the world. The principal and the management are very glad at the outstanding performance of the alumni association. The association appreciates all the alumni who have taken efforts for serving the placement cell of our college.

The association is thankful to them and others who have helped the college flag fly high by visiting the alma mater for campus interviews and seminars.

Alumni Registration